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University of Sunderland - Alumni Birthday Cards

As part of its ongoing engagement with Alumni, the University of Sunderland approached Sunderland Creatives Agency to commission a student to develop birthday cards that could be sent to mark milestone birthdays.

The University wanted the birthday cards to represent its culture of being friendly, supportive, and inclusive.

Third year Illustration student Sam Clinton designed four variations of the birthday cards (all to mark milestone birthdays), with a slight difference to each design.

At the University of Sunderland, we spend a lot of time and effort making sure that we fully support our graduates (known as ‘Alumni’) after they have graduated. Every day the University of Sunderland Alumni Association sends an electronic birthday card to Alumni who are celebrating their birthday. As the feedback is very positive, we decided to take go one step further and produce a printed version that will be sent to Alumni turning 50, 60, 70, and 80 every year.

That is when we decided to go to Sunderland Creatives Agency to get these birthday cards designed as we wanted to work with a student from the University of Sunderland. We had an initial meeting with Laura in which she explained how the agency works and informed us on how to proceed. After that we sent them our briefing and they matched our project with a student who immediately got our idea and made it a reality.

We are extremely pleased with the design, and we found it very easy to work with Sunderland Creatives Agency. We totally recommend their services and will certainly use them in the future for other creative projects.

Elena Perez, Alumni Engagement Officer at University of Sunderland
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