Case Study

The Sunderland Cookbook Project 2023

South Tyneside and Sunderland NHS Foundation Trust and the University of Sunderland collaborated with Sunderland Creatives Agency to create a cookbook for patients undergoing treatment for head and neck cancer.

The book was created with the help of patients, who shared their experiences of undergoing surgery and treatment, which has an impact on their long-term ability to taste, swallow and make saliva. The patients created their favourite dishes and along with photography students from the university, created a series of images and studio portraits which were used to share their stories and showcase their recipes.

Design student, Liam Reynolds worked with Sunderland Creatives Agency to create the finished book, working closely with Creo Comms’ design team to create a professional and image led cookbook.

Copies of the book are given to patients as they start their own treatment and recovery journey.
Image credit: David Wood

“Working with Sunderland Creatives Agency is an excellent way to gain practical industry experience while being supported by their team. Seeing a project through to completion increased my self-confidence in my design abilities. It has given me a better understanding of what a live design brief entails, improved my design portfolio, and I'm confident it will help me prepare for future projects when I enter the post-grad job market."

- Liam Reynolds, Design Student.

“I couldn't fault the team at Sunderland Creatives Agency and all the hard work Liam put into this project. They totally understood the brief, shared our enthusiasm for it and supported its execution to an exceptional standard. Communication was excellent, and they supported me- a novice in graphic design, who'd never commissioned anything like this before- to find a way to give constructive feedback that helped the design student shape the perfect product. Thank you!"

- Beth Halliday, Speech and Language Therapist, South Tyneside, and Sunderland NHS Trust.
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