Case Study

Sunderland Cultural Education Partnership

Sunderland Cultural Education Partnership is a network that brings together the role of arts and culture in children and young people. Through this, the partnership engages with various cultural sector organisations and stakeholders such as educational institutions, artists, and academics.

The partnership requested a new logo to be created that could be widely used to increase visibility on both their website and on merchandise, development of brand guidelines and templates that could be used for social media.

Third year Illustration student Sam Clinton was selected to take on the project through Sunderland Creatives Agency and designed multiple concepts for the partnership. Incorporating the partnership’s values and actions within the logo designs.

Sunderland Creatives Agency have been great to work with, the team involved have helped to provide the knowledge and experience to allow me to start and bridge that gap between the educational and professional world.

The variety in projects has also allowed me to better explore certain areas of illustration that I may not have beforehand, giving me more extensive portfolio and skill set.

Sam Clinton, Illustration Student
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