Case Study

East Coast Fitness

To promote its bootcamps and fitness classes, East Coast Fitness approached the agency for assistance in creating three original videos to post on its website and social media accounts.

Media student, Jeason Hanson, was commissioned to work on the project. He filmed the videos across two mornings on Seaham Harbour - with the beach, lighthouse and sunrise creating a beautiful backdrop for the footage. He then edited the content to create dynamic and professional videos showcasing the community spirit and expertise of East Coast Fitness.

Jeason has some really fresh ideas and I love the end result of the videos that I’ve got back from him. The videos are something I’ve put off doing for a while because I don’t have the time or equipment to do it myself, as well as it being a lot more affordable, and the student is getting great experience at the same time. Jeason and Sunderland Creatives Agency have freed up a lot of my time so I’m able to concentrate on other parts of the business.

Graham Low, East Coast Fitness

The videos I filmed and edited have now been added to my portfolio and, as my portfolio expands, I’m able to get more commissioned work. I would definitely recommend this to other students as it’s a great way to get real-life experience. It has also helped with my studies as I’m able to improve my skills, which will in turn make my video production better for assignments and work outside of university.

Jeason Hanson, Media student
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